The MTCIA works on several fronts to establish and improve regulations for the medical marijuana program in Montana.  Their work includes legal, political, and legislative approaches. The Mtcia's goal is a safe, functional, responsible and accountable program that meets the needs of patients, communities, and providers.

Project PC is a group ofpassionate folks whose mission is to create media and educational materials to help create “Positive Change”.
Through the production of media and educational material we hope to provide the knowledge to help spark “Positive Change.”
We ultimately hope to empower people and be the inspiration that leads to action on a individual level, community level, city level, state level and national level.
We are a nonprofit 501c3 organization

Our Misson: The Cannabis Way , is a Montana non-proffit,  free to join, dedicated to bringing together patients, providers and industry leaders through education and advocacy.

Free Educatiopn for all: The Cannabis Way provides a free website and list serve for all Montanans for a transparent and accurate information source for all segments of the medical cannabis community.

The Cannabis Way will host a one day educational conference every April, with updates and educational opportunities from government, elected officials and other cannabis leaders.

Scholarship Program: The Cannabis way is proud to have brought together policy makers at the local, State and Federal government level as well as law enforcement, doctors, patients, and industry leaders to support a safe and well regulated medical cannabis industry.

The Cannabis Way will never charge a membership fee. All monetary donations will be used for a scholarship program to provide medical cannabis for patients who are suffering from chronic, debilitating  diseases and patients who are terminal.  All scholarships will be payable directly  to the provider.  

The Montana Hemp and Cannabis Coalition was created to help guide the legislative process for Hemp
and Cannabis issues in Montana.To ensure public health and safety regarding the growing, sales and consumption cannabis and cannabis derived products. To ensure all patients, growers/providers and future cannabis consumers have fair representation in our State capitol or through the initiative process. To help define rules and regulation in the production and sales of industrial hemp and hemp products. The MTHCC serves the best interests of the State of Montana and all its citizens by working towards common sense solutions for safe and well-regulated cannabis and hemp markets in Montana.