[t]This Year's Performers[/t] [container] [t]Indubious[/t] [slideshow][tags]2021,indubious[/tags][/slideshow] [p] The story of Indubious is not for the faint of heart. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Indubious was forged in the fires of pain and destruction. Evton and Skip, brothers and bandmates born with Cystic Fibrosis and convinced by doctors of their impending death from an early age, have emerged as a powerful force for change and the future of conscious music. Their only choice has always been mind over matter, and time has proven that their unbending positive outlook, combined with an inspiring message of love and hope, has not only helped them overcome personal hardship, but catapulted their music onto the world stage with an unstoppable momentum. [/p] [/container] [container] [t]Mike Love[/t] [slideshow][tags]2021,mike-love[/tags][/slideshow] [p] Mike Love is a musician devoted to revolution through sound. Born in O’ahu, Hawaii to a family of musicians, Mike has used music as a conversation for as long as he can remember. He comes from a unique convergence of influences, yet all are bound by their common ambition to inspire positive change in the world. He releases his music independently on his own Love Not War Records label, and his sound, while rooted in the spirituality and message-based music of roots reggae, fuses a variety of influences including progressive and classic rock, soul, blues, flamenco, jazz, classical, and more. [/p] [/container] [container] [t]Jon Wayne and the Pain[/t] [slideshow][tags]2021,jwp[/tags][/slideshow] [p] The four-piece Twin-Cities, Minnesota rockers, Jon Wayne and The Pain (aka JWP) are best known for innovating acoustic-electronic dub, heightened with conscious lyrics and catchy riddims. The quartet has been mesmerizing fans for a decade, with their signature JWP cosmic-blend of electronic beats, fused with uplifting roots-driven beats and a hearty dash of conscious lyricism. [/p] [/container] [container] [t]Sol Seed[/t] [slideshow][tags]sol-seed[/tags][/slideshow] [p] Born of the woods, rivers and waterfalls of Oregon, reggae-fusion group Sol Seed sports diverse vocal styles, an eclectic sonic playbook and ethereal world music influences. With a broad spectrum of musical tastes, Sol Seed flips between genre influences such as rock, soul and hip-hop over a solid reggae backbone. Committing themselves to tending a fellowship between performer and listener, the audience becomes a part of the music, creating a unique and unforgettable live experience, centered in the heart space. [/p] [/container] [container] [t]DUBBEST[/t] [slideshow][tags]2021,dubbest[/tags][/slideshow] [p] Coming from the East coast with a fresh, upbeat yet, vintage sound, DUBBEST has swiftly emerged onto the North American Reggae radar in recent years. The Boston-bred outfit of four high school friends have created a unique sound for themselves that intertwines their earlier passions for punk and ska while submersing them in their more recent infatuation with experimental dub and jam style genres. [/p] [/container] [container] [t]Policulture[/t] [slideshow][tags]policulture[/tags][/slideshow] [p] Policulture is the Original Mountain Reggae band from Boulder, CO. Policulture emanates heavy drum and bass with a roots rhythm, melodic horn section, and conscious lyrics. Forming in 2010 the band developed a contemporary reggae sound that is shaped by their upbringing and surrounding environment. With an understanding that music undoubtedly has the power to change the world, Policulture advocates a perspective of positivity and achievability in their music. Inspired by the tradition of roots reggae music, along with the current movement of modern roots reggae, the band is honored to have shared the stage with international touring acts including; The Wailers, Jimmy Cliff, SOJA, Rebelution, John Brown’s Body and many more. [/p] [/container] [container] [t]Ries Brothers[/t] [slideshow][tags]ries-brothers[/tags][/slideshow] [p] The Ries Brothers have been named as a breakout artist by Creative Loafing, a favorite band by The Tampa Bay Times, and were two out of 25 selected from the state of Florida to participate in the exclusive Los Angeles Grammy Museum’s Music Revolution Project. There is truly something going on here. Come on down to a live show to see for yourself. [/p] [/container] [container] [t]Enzymes[/t] [slideshow][tags]enzymes[/tags][/slideshow] [p] Grown and cultivated for two decades, Dylan Valley, aka ENZYMES, began with two turntables and a stack of records high in the mountains of Montana. Like seeds, the records germinated mixed tapes and parties bloomed to the production of ENZYMES' original compositions. The growth led ENZYMES to establish a name & sound in the local electronic music scene through dozens of collaborative efforts with various producers, emcees and musicians. [/p] [/container] [t]Previous Year's Performers[/t] [container] [t]The Movement[/t] [slideshow][tags]the-movement[/tags][/slideshow] [/container] [container] [t]Fortunate Youth[/t] [slideshow][tags]fortunate-youth[/tags][/slideshow] [/container] [container] [t]Tribal Seeds[/t] [slideshow][tags]tribal-seeds[/tags][/slideshow] [/container] [container] [t]Sol Seed[/t] [slideshow][tags]sol-seed[/tags][/slideshow] [/container] [container] [t]Pato Banton[/t] [slideshow][tags]pato-banton[/tags][/slideshow] [/container] [container] [t]Policulture[/t] [slideshow][tags]policulture[/tags][/slideshow] [/container] [container] [t]Pinky and the Floyd[/t] [/container] [container] [t]Aloha Radio[/t] [slideshow][tags]aloha-radio[/tags][/slideshow] [/container]